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The story behind Fairbanks Lighting

I recently moved to Fairbanks, AK to be close to my oldest son and granddaughter. When I did, I left my business behind and decided to take “just a job” to keep my head, heart and time available nights and weekends for my family. Well, that has happened, but what also happened is that I landed at Tesco Lighting and Design Center, a 3,200 square foot lighting showroom, where I am rapidly learning that there is much more to lighting than meets the eye. So, since it is soon to be dark and double-digits below zero for the next several months, I thought I’d spend some time writing a few things about lighting in Fairbanks. Not sure how interesting or relevant it will be to anyone but me, but here we go. If anyone reads this and has thoughts, comments, questions, critiques, refinements, etc. Please do not be bashful about speaking up.

Hopefully it goes without saying that views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Tesco or CED…

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